1. 2020

    • Completed upgraded work of most of the department stores
  2. 2019

    • Shenzhen Shirble Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. (“Shirble Management”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, acquired a parcel of land in Jinwan District, Zhuhai through an equity acquisition in November 2019. The land will be developed into a two-building complex which is scheduled to be available for sales/lease at a later time
    • Continued to upgrade and refurbish traditional Shirble department stores by adopting the “Shirble Plaza” one-stop shopping mall concept
    • Invested a 2.73% stake in a Korean brand ice-cream chain-store “百味堂”
    • Shirble Management Consultant, Shirble’s subsidiary, entered into two consultancy agreements to provide consultancy service
  3. 2018

    • Strategic cooperation with Hema
    • Restructure of the retail business from direct sales and concessionaire sales to sub-lease rental income
    • Started to tap into property business
  4. 2017

    • The first “Shirble Plaza” was opened at Yitian district of Shenzhen
  5. 2016

    • Won the bid for two prime region properties in Shenzhen and Changsha, where its Jingtian store and Changsha store currently operate
    • Opening of a new “SMART” store at Shixia district of Shenzhen
    • Diversified into new store formats, Shirble (Traditional Department Store), SMART (High-end “Hypermarket”) and Shirble Plaza (Trendy one-stop lifestyle Shopping Mall)
    • Successfully debuted the Group's own online platform i-Shirble
  6. 2012

    • Further penetration into tier 2 to 3 regions in Guangdong Province by opening its second Shanwei department store
    • Established SMART, the first high-end supermarket of the Group, in Shenzhen
  7. 2011

    • Expansion into regions outside Shenzhen to seize business growth in Guangdong Province
  8. 2010

    • Listed on the Main Board of Stock Exchange of Hong Kong with stock code of 312
    • Started the first 24 hours convenience store in Minzhi Department Store
  9. 2004

    • Established first department store (Luhe Store) in Shanwei, Guangdong Province
  10. 1996

    • Shirble first department store (Hongling Store) in Futian District in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province